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    Alfred Willowhawk
    Session 1 2015 Schedule January 5, 2015 - March 20, 2015 CHANGE
    by Alfred Willowhawk - Thursday, 11 December 2014, 10:37 AM

    Please be advised that there is a change in the schedule for January Session. Wicca 141 Intro to BTW will be offered Thursday at 7 PM SLT and Magic 225 Indo European Shamanism level 2 will be offered at 6 PM SLT. All other classes remain the same.


    Alfred Willowhawk

    Co-Dean of Education

    Alfred Willowhawk
    Session 1 2015 Schedule January 5, 2015 - March 20, 2015
    by Alfred Willowhawk - Monday, 1 December 2014, 11:23 AM
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
    6:00pm SLT Ritual 280 Sacred Dance Soph elective - Kara D Wicca 207 Comparative Spirituality Soph elective - alfred Myth 140 Norse Mythology Elpha Wicca 141 Intro to BTW Alfred
    6:00pm SLT Ritual 301 Junior Core- Stacia Senior Core - Bella Wicca 455...
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    Lady Bella
    by Belladonna Laveau - Sunday, 30 November 2014, 3:23 PM

    ALL FRESHMAN - Please get your assignments finished for Wicca 101/102/103 and Ritual 101 by Yule, so that you can elevate to the Sophomore class.  Please note the requirements to move up to Sophomore are:

    • Finish ASSIGNMENTS from Wicca 101/102/103
    • Finish ASSIGNMENTS from Ritual 101

    No matter what ...

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    Available courses

    This is the Homeroom Space for those students being Mentored by Despona Lionheart.

    This is the Homeroom Space for those students being Mentored by Phoenix Silverstar

    This is the Homeroom Space for those students being Mentored by Earth Emerald.

    This is the Homeroom Space for those students assigned to be mentored by Hyssop Moonwing (Sydney Bridges).

    Joining the Circle

    Joining the Circle This class is designed to help you to become familiar with the tools, practices, and expectations that you will encounter as a student of the Seminary. We will be covering many different topics throughout this course. Each topic will be explored futher in depth within the online lab that is held in Second LifeThe labs that are held will give you a chance to practice those things that you will learn in the various sections and to interact with your instructor and fellow students in real time.


    What IS the Wiccan Theology?

    Is it the same as TRADITION?

    How does Tradition effect THEOLOGY?

    Is having a tradition important?

    This course explores the roots of Wiccan Theology. We will define just what is theology, then explore several traditions and how their theology is the same and different.

    We will use archeological and anthropological evidence as well as some of the work of the founders of the modern Wiccan movement including Gerald Gardner, Alexander Sanders, and others who are less well known.

    We will discuss the nature of family traditions and how they effect the different aspects of Wiccan Theology.

    We will also discuss the differences between Wiccan Theology and Ceremonial Magic.

    Welcome to the team!

    We are so happy that you've decide to teach or work at Please contact Bella, Stacia, Alfred or Kara if you have any questions or concerns. You should be signed up for the Wooston-Steen Facebook group.

    Again Welcome! We are thrilled to have you with us.

    Bella, Stacia, Alfred and Kara

     front page ritual 101 imageThis class investigates the way ritual works, and includes a magical analysis of each step involved. Students will learn the details of creating sacred space. This course includes in-depth discussions on elements, tools, and the use of Classic British Traditional Incantations.

    Students correctly completing this course will be able to completely and confidently:  Cast circle, Call quarters, elements, Invoke deity, Raise and direct energy, and dismiss.  All from memory.

    Subjects will cover:
    Theory and Energetics of Circle Casting,
    What goes into creating a temple or sacred area,
    How to tailor each ritual space for your personal needs.
    The uses and energetics of ritual tools
    How to correctly use ritual tools.

    Each week you will have one class from each of three subjects of study; Cosmic Law, Foundational Energetics, and Wiccan Philosophy. These classes, work together and when completed correctly, will begin teaching you to think in the spiral energy patterns required of an initiate. If you complete the curriculum as desired, you will notice your perspective on the world and your ability to magically interact with it change radically in the short time you take this course.

    Cosmic Law - Cosmic Law teaches principles that will spiral you in to a deeper understanding, interpretation, and recognition of the spiritual activity that manifests the physical reality that you now experience. You will gain an understanding of how to create change, by relying on your own intuition, consulting your personal spirit guides, connecting with divinity, and through exploration of past lives.

    Foundational Energetics - Foundational Energetics teaches you how to use the power centers in your body through the use of graphic visualizations and guided meditations. Each power center has mundane and magical properties that are necessary for balanced spiritual growth, and mental, physical, & emotional health. The course focuses on mastering the use of the power centers, as well as understanding why, how, and when to utilize this energy.

    Wiccan Philosophy This course conceptualizes the Wiccan Belief system. It explores several different dimensions of thought, and brings a new level of awareness and enlightenment about the way Spirit interacts with us individually and as a whole.

    Our Ancestors knew the passing of time and marked the sacred days with celebration. Experience the Holy Wheel of the Year as the Sun journeys through the Astrological Zodiac. Understand why and how the Ancients celebrated these dates on the Calendar. Learn how to use the various methods of pagan symbolism to decode the sabbatical days and structure rituals to attune you with the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year.

    Please join this class at any time during the year. You will start at the sabbat that we are currently working on, and work through the course until you've experienced all eight sabbats.  Please expect this course to take a couple of years to finish, as you will probably not make every sabbat in a year.

    Wicca and Paganism in general have many preconceptions and misconceptions regarding its actual history. In this course we will weed out what is and is not the true History of the Modern Wiccan Movement. Just how much of our modern practices and beliefs are related to ancient cultures? Which ones? What were the inquisition and witchcraft acts truly about? Where did The History of the Modern Wiccan Movement truly begin? How did it evolve? Who were the people and organizations that contributed to where we are today? How did they contribute and what are the effects of their contributions? Where are we now, and where is the Future of Wicca going? Because whether you realize it or not… today…. WE create the history for our next generation.

    Wiccan Law

    Wiccan Law is vital to our culture.  It defines how we behave in a magical environment.  Come learn the laws and how to apply them in your life.

     YesThis is a required class for all initiatory Students.  

    In this class you will be given a basic, working knowledge of some common herbs. You will learn how to identify, harvest, prepare and use herbs for both magickal and medicinal purposes. I will teach you how to be careful so you don't poison yourselves or loved ones. I will give you enough history to be interesting and teach you some lesser known tidbits you can use to entertain your friends. Your homework will be hands on and when we are done you will have your own herbal first aid kit. This is the knowledge that the villagers went to the wise women and elders for, and I look forward to passing it on to you.

    Warrior Spirit Mandala

    This course is designed to help you work in your own framework. While all cultures have a Shamanic tradition the Celtic peoples have lost touch with theirs. If you do not have a Celtic heritage you can still use the tools and processes in this course to reach your goals. For our purposes we are defining Celtic as any Indo-European background.

    All cultures have a Shamanic component. In our western world this has been systematically stamped upon but of course the universe is bigger than man and it never goes away. Many individuals of Indo-European
    decent are now exploring this path as a tool for self healing.

    It is important to remember that the Celtic civilization spread all over Europe to Asia minor and was not restricted to Gaul, Ireland, Britain, Wales, and Scotland. So if you here and are looking here for assistance this is the course of study is for you.

    In this course you will learn the Celtic way. We spend time learning to associate, and speak to our Ancestors, Animals, Trees, Earth, elements, and journey through the Celtic otherworld and connect with the Bright world. We will learn how to recognize the Celtic soul and its
    integration with the physical and mental selves to become a whole person. You will meet the hero’s and heroine’s; the Goddesses and the Gods and work with them to heal yourself. This is personal and specific to YOU. You will draw upon your personal symbols and protectors to
    bring this rich and beautiful heritage to life. So, welcome to your changed life.

    Have you been frustrated trying to meditate? Have you heard of some of the benefits of meditation, but don’t know where to start? Then this is the course for you. We’ll start with the basics, and build up to a daily practice of 30 minutes of meditation each day. It really is a lot easier than you may think!

    We will explore the myths of the Irish, Scottish and Welsh, and how they apply to us. We will also explore their Sabbats and Wheel of the Year. NOTE: ALL TEXTS FOR THIS COURSE ARE LOCATED ON and are available there for FREE.

    Join us as we explore Asgard and the realm of the mighty Aesir. We will discuss the Norse creation and destruction myths as well as who’s who on the Norse God’s Family Tree. Travel along as we explore the nine realms of Ygssdrasyl and make sense of the symbolism in Norse mythology. Sit and enjoy the fire in the great hall of Odin, as we discover together the wonder and beauty that is Norse Myth.


    Entry Level.  This is a corespondance/workshop course.  Work at your own pace.

    This is an introductory course to the British Wiccan Traditional roots of Wicca. It discusses the roots of Gardnarian and Alexandrian Wicca as well as the traditions in Europe that they based upon.

    If you are attending public community events, whether as a participant or as a leader, or just belong to a coven, you are eventually going to be around Pagan children. You should at least have an idea of how to interact with and encourage them in a positive way. I am a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child, and this course has been developed with that exact mindset. Each topic will be addressed from three perspectives:
    1. Pagan Parents
    2. Pagan Non-Parents in a community environment.
    3. Pagan Community Leaders/Clergy

    During this 8 week course we will discuss the following topics and more:

    Children and Ritual
    Defining Pagan Basics for Children
    Rites of Passage
    Your Role as Clergy

    Magic 225 Indo-European Shamanism Level 2

    This is a continuation of Magic 122. It teaches the student how to utilize some of the tools and practices of the Shaman in their OWN lives.

    Primarily this course is about Self Healing as a Wounded Healer. Once an individual has recognized, absorbed, and begun utilizing these tools for themselves they can assist others.

    It is a way to be in-tune with the Natural World. To Tap into the amazing power of both the Natural and Spiritual World

    It helps deepen the knowledge and the wisdom that always leads to Understanding of one self and the Balance and Harmony of the Universe.


    A Journey with the Animals Through the Chakras

    Many things connect us via our chakras and Animal Spirits or Guides can also be accessed through the Seasons of the Year. This class will use meditation to assist the student in connecting with animals guides that are seasonally appropriate and correspond to their Magical Training 200 Studies.

    Prerequisites are required for this course, please contact the instructor for specifics!

    Sacred Dance

    Ritual 280: Dancing Divinity

    Dance is intimately connected with ancient pagan worship and plays a part in our modern practice as well. This class will explore that relationship and give you resources and tools to begin your own development of

    Dancing with the Divine!

    Ritual 101 is a pre-requisite for this course.  Students must have completed and passed Ritual 101 before registering for this course.

    cross jewish starislamsatztika and aum


    The purpose of this course is the introduction to different spiritualities beginning with ancient  organized religions and continuing through modern Neo-pagan spiritualities. PLEASE NOTE there are pre-requisites for this course. You must have completed Wicca 090, WIcca 101, 102, 103 and Ritual 101 before taking this course. Special consideration will be given, please contact the instructor at or talk to him in-world.SOPHMORES ARE ENCOURAGED TO TAKE THIS COURSE.

    Sometimes we are stones when it comes to hearing the messages of the divine. I have been there. I bet you have too. It is not comfortable to admit it, but there you have it. So, now that that is out of he way one tool that can be used to hear the divine, or our own higher selves more clearly is Guided Meditations.

    To enhance the student’s ability to participate in Guided meditations. This course focuses on the elements of a guided meditation and how to create, and successfully facilitate guided meditations.

    Wicca 306



    Our Ancestors knew the passing of time and marked the sacred days with celebration. Experience the Holy Wheel of the Year as the Sun journeys through the Astrological Zodiac. Understand why and how the Ancients celebrated these dates on the Calendar. Learn how to use the various methods of pagan symbolism to decode the sabbatical days and structure rituals to attune you with the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year.

    To gain a basic understanding of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and how to utilize it in any path to assist you to manifest your true desires. To gain a basic understanding of how Wicca and Kabbalah can be utilized in harmony with special attention to the blending of the two to create a fantastic tool to assist in ANY magical working.


    This course explores the Welsh and Irish mythos in detail!

    We examine it to understand how these awesome myths apply in our everyday life.

    The course journies through the Celtic Otherworld meeting and spending time with the deities, and other denizens of this amazing land.

    We look at the ethics, and world view of the Celts and the individuals in both the Physical and Other World.

    We examine in detail how these worlds work together to help people living in the 21st century can be in balance and harmony with all of creation.

    We will examine the roots of some of the Wiccan rituals and how they have evolved from early Welsh and Irish rituals and celebrations. Please contact the instructor - Alfred Willowhawk if you have questions.

    Note: Myth 120 is a pre-requesite for this course. Please contact the instructor at  if you have questions.

    Wicca 310 - British Wicca Tradition - Level 1

    Turning the Wheel

    Writing the Sabbats 

    This year you will show us your expression of the Wheel of the Year. The Sun is moving through the sky. You have seen the seasons pass. How do you express worship, and reveal the mysteries? This year, you will write and lead sabbats inworld on Sacred Cauldron (SecondLife)

    ***prerequisites are the successful completion of Wicca 106, Ritual 106, The Sophomore Year, and Ritual 301 and Wicca 306

    This course is designed for the Senior Student who is prepared to study the Elementals in depth.  Students will invoke an Elemental from each element over the course of the Wheel of the Year in the appropriate season.  

    **prerequisite is successful completion of Ritual 101, The Sophomore Year and Ritual 301

      Magic 455 The God Energy in us All

    We will be learning in this course about The Men’s Mysteries. These are, what been labeled as, the Masculine force which exists and flows through Nature. In Wicca it is called the GOD aspect. This force is present and interconnected and a polarity to the Feminine Force or the Goddess aspect. They are the opposite ends of one Force. In our physical reality and expression, we experience through perception, one end of this polarity. So to begin to understand the end of this polarity we call the Masculine Force we shall take a look at the Basic Nature of Men.

    Class Introduction: This class will examine aspects of the Witches Bible specifically as they apply to the 21st century Wiccan. It will also discuss the changes in Wicca in the 21st Century and how to adapt to the norms and values of the 21st century

    Wicca 540 Wiccan Law

    This is the field internship recording area for both Masters and Doctoral students. Please see your Field Internship Coordinator for more information. Please note:

    All Masters Level Students are required to complete a two semester internship to be completed before the ending of their second year.

    All Doctoral Level Students are required to complete a four semester internship during their third and fourth year.

    Wicca 590 Independent Study -Teaching workshops, or classes

    This course is administered by the Concentration area heads. Please contact your Concentration area head for this course.

    All graduate students are automatically enrolled in this class. Each concentration area has specific goals for this course.

    Church Legal Issues

    Many churches are considering the advantages of incorporation. It is a means of protecting church members from any liability beyond the liability insurance coverage of the church. An incorporated church becomes a legal entity and is separated from the members who formed and make up the membership of the church. When the church is incorporated, lawsuits filed against the church are filed against the church itself which has become a legal entity. Incorporation is another financial protection that is both desired and appreciated by many church members. This course explores the legal issues for clergy and churches in the 21st century

    This Directed Reading course is a required course for all Graduate Students.


    This course is designed to give the student the Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding of Basic Pastoral Counseling. The focus is on the Post Modern Approach of the followers of Carl Rogers and the experience of Pagan Ministers in the 20th and 21st Century.

    The  challenges of being  Clergy without an advanced degree in psychology have been one of the hallmarks of Spiritual/Pastoral Counselors in all faiths. In fact, these challenges have lead to many discrepancies and issues between the professional counseling field and the professional clergy field. Many of the  issues clergy and psychologists face with their clients are the same, however as clergy we deal with the ethics and practices of faith that exacerbate these issues that all parishioners and frankly clergy face.

    As Pagan and Wiccan clergy there is another level of challenges related to the mis-information about Wicca as well as some deep rooted resentment to religion and spirituality.

    This course will assist you in dealing with these issues with the ability to assist parishioners to lead balanced and harmonious lives.

    Pre-requisite is Ritual 301 - Ritual Construction:  Moons/Esbats

    The competition between the Celtic and Roman churches, and the restructuring of relationships which violated the Pagan ethos. Explore the rivalry between matrifocal

    Paganism and patriarchal Christianity in the Dark Ages, and the legacy of the Inquisition

    The ethics of clergy are studied with an emphasis on personal and professional behavior.

    Text:  We will reference and read the following books:

    "A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans & Pagans:  Practical Guidance for Sharing Your Path"  by Thea Sabin  ISBN: 978-0-7387-2710-3

    "How to be an Effective Teacher:  The First Days of School" by Harry K. and Rosemary T Wong  ISBN: 0-9629360-2-2